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sudo apt install hostapd dnsmasq iptables
git clone
cd create_ap
sudo make install
sudo iw dev wlan0 interface add ap0 type __ap
sudo create_ap --no-virt ap0 wlan0 raspi


ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo create_ap --no-virt ap0 wlan0 raspicatv2
WARN: brmfmac driver doesn't work properly with virtual interfaces and
      it can cause kernel panic. For this reason we disallow virtual
      interfaces for your adapter.
      For more info:
Config dir: /tmp/create_ap.ap0.conf.6ESuWyuv
PID: 2225
Network Manager found, set ap0 as unmanaged device... DONE
Sharing Internet using method: nat
hostapd command-line interface: hostapd_cli -p /tmp/create_ap.ap0.conf.6ESuWyuv/hostapd_ctrl
WARN: Low entropy detected. We recommend you to install `haveged'
Configuration file: /tmp/create_ap.ap0.conf.6ESuWyuv/hostapd.conf
ap0: Could not connect to kernel driver
Using interface ap0 with hwaddr e4:5f:01:68:fb:5c and ssid "raspicatv2"
ap0: interface state UNINITIALIZED->ENABLED
ap0: STA 80:32:53:62:73:c5 IEEE 802.11: associated
ap0: AP-STA-CONNECTED 80:32:53:62:73:c5
ap0: STA 80:32:53:62:73:c5 RADIUS: starting accounting session EDCAFFAFD8EE1847